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Mustang GT500 Cobra

At the Micro Center where I work, we usually have a computer with great specs on display for the customers to check out and enjoy. At the moment we have nothing on display, but the manager wants us to throw something together. He also wants it to be "different", so I'm doing a custom Mustang Cobra GT500 theme case with the dual white stripes going up the front and across the top. I will be painting everything else flat black.

I chose the Coolermaster 690 since it's a case that we sell and it's not all that pricey. The retail price is about $85.

Here it is unwrapped

This is the inside top panel

I took out the inputs as I prep for painting

The whole interior will be flat black. There's a lot of painting left to do once I get some more!

This is the goofy pattern on the inside top and front

I used a wire cutter to remove the pattern and then a sanding block on my dremel to smooth out the edges

Then I taped up the top for painting

And added a few coats of flat white paint

Three hours later the tape came off

Next, I removed the filters from the front bay covers so when I paint on the other side  it doesn't leak through

And I peeled off the Coolermaster logo on the front

The front is then taped off too

I also taped off the side panel where I'll cut the window

I put the inputs back into the top panel

And then reconnected the painted panels on the case

Now that the paint is dry within the case I put the bay clips and screws back in

The blank retaining brackets are getting a coat of paint too

And put them back

I got an actual Cobra logo from Ford

The lettering is 2" and applying it is easy

This is the same striping used for cars

I carefully cut more than enough to mold

I was happy to get a flat edge with the striping

Now comes the big one. I had to cut it from 6" to 2"

We're nearing the end

I taped off the side panel where I want to put the window and then clamped a ruler along its edge to keep my dremel on the right path

And it only takes about 10 minutes

Then I grab a large piece of plexi to size up

Once the window edges are filed down and the holes for the rivets are drilled, I add a coat of paint

While the paint dries I go back to the other panel and use an epoxy to add an automobile filter that will later be used in conjunction with an intake fan

Now that the paint is dry I can add the window I cut with rivets and these little pieces of metal I cut from the old side panel
They'll take the pressure from the rivets off of the glass to prevent it from cracking

I still have to be careful putting them in because I could easily scratch the glass or damage the paint

Here's where I'm at right now

So, I've been thinking that plain old thumbscrews weren't going to be good enough this time

Then I found that they actually sell cool cobra tire valve caps. I'm going to make my own thumbscrews!

I just have to add a little QuickSteel and a regular case screw

Now I just have to let them dry

The next day they are dried and put into the case

For the most part, the store will supply the inyards, but in this case I had to supply the fan for the rear of the otherboard/processor. I needed it to be a thin 15mm fan to fit behind the right panel and it had to light up to make good use of the air filter on the side of the case.

It lights up the filter very nicely

Even when the room is in complete darkness

My Ford window decal arrived

And my cool Cobra Engine decal arrived too

All of my mods are artistic, so I always sign the inside panel


Thanks for tuning in....

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