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  • AMD 1090T X6
  • MSI 880G-E45
  • 8GB Kingston HyperX DDR3-1333
  • Radeon HD6850 1GB
  • 80GB Intel X-25 SSD
  • 500GB Western Digital 
  • 700 Watt Cooler Master PSU
  • Scythe Shuriken B heatsink
  • Silverstone Precision PS05

The case arrived after 5 days of ordering it

I gutted it right away

And peeled off the Silverstone logo

Then I painted the case

Time to work on the left panel

I'm turning the "Z" in Zelda into a window

But first I need a stencil

I always cut from the inside out as to not ruin the outside of the panel

Then I use a ruler as a guide

And after 10 minutes it's cut. Although it's still a bit rough

I moved on to the top panel where I took it apart

And then cut away the excess plastic

The top mesh is getting a face-lift too. First I got rid of the filter which is really more of a way of slowing down exhausting air

Then I moved on to a little paint

Once it was all dried I reassembled it

The window panel got a thick sheet of paint

And then the doorbell rang with my 1st prop

I added a single 120mm Green LED intake fan

And two green LED top exhaust fans as well

I've been looking into the paint job thus far and it looks good, but it's starting to seem a bit too sporty for me. It's not looking very much like something to do with Zelda. I want it to look sleek, but rougher, so I put down a coat of texture paint that gives the appearance of rock and then I repainted it green on top. I did this only for the panels because the procedure to retape the whole case would be too great and it still looks good as is.

Here's the right side with the rock paint and the swords and shield mounted

Next I'll be adding this to the top of the case

First I draw out the cutting line

Then make the careful cut

And that's it. I'm still thinking of how I'll clean up the edge

Time to work on the TriForce logo

I drew out the logo onto the 80mm sliver of Aluminum

And then carefully cut out the symbol

I used the same Yellow H2O paint from my Clowned mod

Then cut a hole out of the front intake mesh

The logo is smaller than the hole and I want it to appear as though it's hovering in place, so I cut out thin strips of heavy-weight plastic

Then glued it all together on the inside

Once it was done I realized that the mesh behind the logo looked stupid

So I brought out a old side panel to another case for the mesh

Once it was cut out I added it over the green intake

And put the front bezel back in place

Yep, it looks like it's hovering all right

I bought these cool wood squares

Then painted them the same Nickel color I've been using on everything else

And coated them with the rock paint

Now on to the rest of the letters. I tried ordering these instead, but every place just lets you order the height, not width. I'm cutting them out instead

And it's a long careful process

And then one hour later, I was done

I painted them to match the wood squares

And then I mounted everything to the side panel

Once it dried I signed the inside panel

See the completion here