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AMD's Bulldozer

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I've known for several months now that I would do this AMD tribute mod. The whole time I also knew that the Cooler Master HAF 912 would be my canvas.

Within a few minutes I quickly stripped the whole thing down

My choice of paint just has to be John Deere Yellow

And it goes on easy and looks incredible

I always love to have strong contrasting colors within the case

I also strive for color consistency with matching bay drive covers too

Then I stack two Cooler Master 120mm fans for the intake

I didn't recolor the black plastic because it was already perfect

As usual I painted the DVD drive too

I cut the hole for the window

And then slapped on a coat of paint

I'll be customizing the right panel next

Time to work on the right panel. I'm going to be adding a couple of intake fans. The first is a slim 120mm behind the processor

I cut from the inside out as to not damage the paint if I lose control of the hole saw

My fan of choice is usually made by Scythe

Here it is mounted. Because I went with a larger 120mm fan, I'll need to put the panel on first then screw it in place. The size of the fan interferes with the panels' slide latch

I'll dress up the outside soon enough

But first I'll need to cut out a spot for a 92mm fan behind the hard drive cage. Unfortunately, I don't have a hole saw that size available just yet...

I picked up this excavator ride on toy at K-Mart for $40

I just needed the treads and the base

And look at that! A perfect fit!

Then I got this air vent at Lowes for $6

And cut it to fit the right side rear CPU intake

It just needs to match

I used several rivets to attach the case to the treaded base

But then I realized that I choked off the PSU's air intake

So, I decided to drill out the holes in the plastic. I can't quite get the drill into all of the holes, but I'll have a really awesome power supply provided by Enermax that will have no trouble getting enough air.

I bought a 92mm hole saw

And now the CPU and hard drive intake is done

The hard drive intake is perfect, but the CPU wound up being a bit off

I added the vent. I still need to bondo the edges and paint the hinges yellow

I still have to have to paint the other grill too

I got this shovel off ebay. It belongs on an old Tonka T-9 Bulldozer

I just had to trim the arms so it would attach to the front panel and not interfere with the side panels

I spent an hour or so sanding off most of the 40 year old paint and rust

And then I added a new coat of paint

Now I have to get to work on striping the panels

And adding this number eight to the left side. Do you know what it signifies?

I added the striping and the number eight to the left side

I got back to finishing the right side vents. I still need to fix the edges and add stripes to this side as well

I attached the shovel to the front bezel

And that task is done

I'm using this clay stuff that turns to metal

Once cut and molded, I roll it into long strings like putty

And place it along the vent seams

Once dry, it'll get painted yellow as well and appear to be welding seams

Now I have to finish the striping. I'm using sport stripes for a car. I cut it out into three 40mm strips

And that's it

This morning I painted the seams to match the rest

I'm still thinking of what colors to use here

I painted the treads all black to start

Then started the detailing

I painted the front undercarriage black

I then completed the paint on the treads on the left

I picked up a fan bus today

And I'm painting it to match

Now that it's done, I put the switches back in

And mounted it in the bay

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