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775 Fathoms

This is going to be quick and easy
I've seen these great videos on Youtube about making an Aquarium PC using Mineral Oil. The concept of a computer being soaked in any kind of liquid is so intruiging to me, so I have to try it. Fortunately, I have all of the internal components so I really just need the tank and Mineral oil.

The tank is 5.5 gallons

I ordered 5 gallons of Mineral Oil from ValleyVet
It's easiest to get it from a Veternarian Supply store than locally. Vets use this stuff for animal laxative!

The motherboard, CPU and the rest were once a part of my R2-M5

And the board is a perfect fit

 Specs are:
Foxconn Motherboard
Intel Q9400
550 Watt PSU
I'm using a GeForce 6600 becuase my 3800 X2 was too long fit in this tank

I'll need a motherboard tray and backplate to hold it all together, so I'm using this real cheap case

Yep, it posts

Here's the cut-out motherboard tray

I added a handle to the tray as well, just in case I need to pull the whole thing out

Then I added the motherboard

And set it all in for a test fit

What's an aquarium without pretty rocks?

And every fish tank needs bubbles

And an aquarium check valve that stops water from going back up the hose to the pump

There was only one pump to choose from

And finally some tubing to tie it all together

The pump and check valve will stay outside the case

And the bubble rock fits best in the bottom left corner

And now it's all inside

I'm using the hard drive that was originally paired with the motherboard and processor, so I won't have to reinstall Windows. From what I hear, a mechanical hard drive is best outside of the case, because the oil may penetrate the seal. An SSD would not have this problem though

I brought the tank to work and filled it with Mineral oil and it all works fine

The temps are pretty high and the surface of the glass is very warm. These are the temps after 6 hours