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The victim case is an ancient Dell Inspiron M155

I screwed down the spine to the case and attached it on the underside.

Here's the entry point on the base of the spine.

These are cool little screws with eyelets that came with the spine

I chose a midpoint where the spine was most out of control to add the eyelets

Then I forced the spine to the side of the case with wire

I then attached the top of the spine to the top of the case just as I did on the base.

Next came the expanding foam. I applied it to the base of the spine all the way up.

Then all I had to do was apply a quick coat of Red and Black to give it the exact look I wanted.

I sprayed the rest of the case red too.

Then came the front. I set the faceplate on top so I could make a perfect blowhole all the way through

I then added the foam around an 80mm fan on a slight angle

The left side of the case is going to have an arm. The green line represents my [future] window.

The arm will reach across the left side of the case and hold on to the fan here:

This will let me use the fingers as a fan grill, eliminating the need for a manufactured one.

The right side needed a bit more.
I added a hand and more 'flesh' so it appears as though new 'parts' are forming all the time.

The top  wasn't 'Veiny' enough so I added some. It has a bit more of a 3D texture now.

I'm really not ready for the skull yet, but I want everyone to see where I'm going to be heading soon.

Here's a couple bonus pics.

I'll be installing this Asus Dragon & Athlon XP 3000+ that was once in The Matrix.

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