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War Machine

With the upcoming release of the new movie I'm starting my next project. War Machine is the black and white bad ass version of Iron Man. I think the movie version is making him black and silver, so that's the route I'm taking too

I'm using the B2 case provided to me by InWin

Here she is. A nice flat black

Here's the side vents. They are coming out though

As you can tell these are exhaust fans

The case actually comes with very nice colored instructions

And stickers that make it look more like a B2 Bomber

Time to make a chain gun!

I'm going to use this cheap plastic piping that I'm cutting with a regular hand saw

Into six pretty even pieces

This is how it's going to look. The center will have a shorter version of the same pipe

For now rubber bands will hold it together

The base of the gun will be an old hollowed out PSU

I have this cool mesh from my Project: Framed

I'll be covering the sides with it

Now I measure out the hole for the pipes

The hole saw I have is a little big, but will be addressed afterwards

Here it is cut out

And when set on the case

Before I actually mount it, I must get to the painting

I've been experimenting with several round bottles in order to find a base and top cap for the barrel

Since the base won't be seen anyway I wrapped it in black electrical tape

And go figure, my spray paint cap was perfect!

And here it is on top. I'm not done with this effect yet.

So to make the gun seem more realistic I got bullets. REAL ones from a .50 caliber rifle. These are obviously deactivated rounds and cannot be fired.

I cut away four of the rounds because I have a special need for them

I didn't have any primer so I used a flat black

Once that dried I painted the rounds chrome

They are going to go here

The rounds were a little too long so I cut them in half

Then I slid them in. I just need to make them stay for good

I put the panel back on

Next I'll be working on the right and the front

Really, all I had to do here was add a basic shroud and attach the 50 cal rounds